Our Saviour Recieves Significant Gift from Member and Finance Team Leader Karyn Molnar Kline


OSLC member and Finance Team leader, Karyn Molnar Kline and Tom Adams, OSLC Council Chair (Seated) execute agreement where OSLC accepted a $320,000 gift from Karyn over the next five years to allow the church to call a second Pastor. Standing L to R are Steve Kline, Jenny Joy Fisher, Pastor Linn, James (held) and Barbara Holderby.

She saw a need and stepped up to the plate and funded it. We could not be going forward with this expansion of this ministry without Karyn’s generosity.
— Council Chair Tom Adams

July 2018 - At a gathering of the Congregation in July, Karyn Molnar Kline gave a gift of $320,000 over the next five years to allow OSLC to bring on board a much needed second Pastor. The church has agreed to use the funds solely for that purpose. Council President Tom Adams said in accepting the gift on behalf of the congregation, “This is a magnificent and most generous gift from Karyn. She saw a need and stepped up to the plate and funded it. We could not be going forward with this expansion of this ministry without Karyn’s generosity.”

This is the largest gift to the congregation in modern times. While the gift is adequate to fund the position for approximately 3 years OSLC will need to grow or increase giving to cover this expense in out years, the benefit Adams said is that we can really start to work on growing our ministry with a level of staffing that will allow the growth to occur in a more timely manner.”

Following is an excerpt of Karyn’s remarks at the meeting:

“……….We all know that we need a second Pastor. I became painfully aware of this situation when it was clear that Pastor Meghan would be permanently leaving us.  After prayerful thought I decided to do something about it.  I had long ago included in my will a significant bequest to Our Saviour.  But, I was hoping it would be quite a few years before I died and those funds would be available. I knew that the church needed financial help now.  So, I approached Pastor Linn and Tom Adams, about my plan for providing funds for a second pastor.
Basically, I have committed to provide $320,000 over the next five years, all of which is restricted to cover the salary and related expenses of a second pastor.  The amount provided will decrease each year, but the initial installment, which has already been provided, is $100,000.  It is my sincere hope that my gift will inspire others in the congregation to give generously to provide the funds needed for Our Saviour to prosper well into the future.  When I
made this commitment, it was not dependent on calling Pastor Dorsey as our second pastor.  And, now it seems, we will have to begin the call process again to find the right second pastor that God may have in mind for us. So, how was I able to make this commitment without putting myself in financial difficulty? I am using a financial instrument called a Qualified Charitable Distribution from my IRA.  At my age, I must take an annual required minimum distribution from my IRA, a portion of which is taxable.  But by making a Qualified Charitable Distribution paid directly to Our Saviour, the total amount given is non-taxable.  And the amounts given to Our Saviour will make a big difference to our church family!  You can do this too, check it out!”