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IT’S MONDAY! And maybe you wonder where I was on Sunday? (That assumes you were here on Sunday and noticed I was gone!) But I was absent, on a trip my wife and I planned long before I accepted the OSLC work, spending some time in a warm and happy place where there’s water and sand and, well, lots of good stuff.

Because OSLC is served by two pastors (even if one of them is very very part-time), you may ask, Can a congregation exist without a pastor? Sadly, because of changing demographics, a lot of churches exist without a full-time pastor, or even a part-time pastor. It’s true here in North Carolina and throughout our country. Nor is that situation limited to Lutheran churches.

What happens to congregations without a pastor, because they’re numerically challenged or because they can’t financially support someone? Well, some churches merge with other churches in the area. In downtown locations and in rural areas, two or more churches combine their resources to form a single stronger unit. But sometimes, churches that cannot support a pastor (and who have not engaged a pastor for some long time) actually close their doors.

But not all pastor-less churches close or merge. Some continue to exist and even to thrive. How? By realizing that although an on-site pastor is a valuable guide, a loving shepherd, a good administrator, a trained counselor, a faithful reader of scripture, and a teacher of kids and adults, a congregation is rich when it realizes that a congregation need not and should not depend on the called pastor alone. Indeed, Luther’s understanding of the priesthood of all believers says that every one of us (!) is capable of proclaiming the Word of God (even if it’s only a simple three sentence sermon) and visiting the sick (once or frequently) and teaching children (and our grandchildren too) and offering spiritual guidance and reminding folks of God’s grace and forgiveness. Which is to say—even if Pastor Linn and I are both absent on the same Sunday, or during the same week, there are still plenty of pastors at 1517 Luther Way, and West End and Whispering Pines and Broad Street in SP.

Am I glad I’m one of the pastors at OSLC? Yep! And I’m glad that you’re one of the pastors too!

By the time you read this, I’ll be one day away from returning home. And I promise to see you on Sunday. That is, dear pastor, if you’re here at OSLC too!

Pastor Nagle

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